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Al Azif, Another Blood Figure

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Today I got in my Al Azif, Another Blood figure. I managed to get them used at

These figures are absolutely beautiful. They’ve been sculpted with extreme detail and the paint job is very nice. With Another Blood’s outfit all of the wavy parts are made out of a clearer plastic which adds a nice effect. Like it’s all different material. Al Azif and Another Blood are two separate figures and you might be able to take them apart but I didn’t really try. I have to say overall I’m very pleased with this purchase and I’m thankful someone was willing to part with them when they did.


Mitsudomoe Ep. 1 & 2: Groin Abuse, Snot Ropes, and lots of Urine

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I really liked Kodomo no Jikan. I really liked Chu-Bra. I did not like Mitsudomoe. The show is just a series of random happenings that mostly make you go wtf. Basically we’re following three severely messed up sixth graders and the unfortunate people forced to be around them. However all the gags the show tries to pull off never really make you feel anything except at times disgust.

One of our first big gags is when the girls decide to injure their teacher’s groin so the school nurse will have to treat it and the two will fall in love. This was one of the more interesting moments but still just kind of meh. There were many uneventful stories like the classroom hamster being named Nipple among other non-eventful stories. The other stories that stuck out only stuck out due to disgust they brought on. One of the sisters has a cold and sneezes snot everywhere. The worst part is it’s like industrial strength snot rope. This may sound amusing but please believe me it’s not. Also another gross moment is when the school nurse is collecting urine samples. She spills urine everywhere. Everyone gets urine on them. It doesn’t stop there either. Due to some mystical force the urine bottles appear from nowhere. (Really how did a urine bottle get into her coat pocket?) So we have to deal with urine in coffee and urine used as eye drops.

Lets also face the fact that the girls in this show or supposed to be sixth graders but every character looks like a child. The adults look like they’re in middle-school and the middle-school kids look like preschool-elementary school kids! Everyone usually has one round chipmunk tooth and in general the same body type. Like some weird chibi form…

If you love yourself…hell even if you only tolerate yourself stay away from this show! After the first episode I wanted to stop but I decided to go on for the sake of reviewing. I was even hoping it would get better. So I thought I need to give the second episode a try. Don’t be like me and sacrifice precious moments of your life on this show. Stay far far away!

I also wanted to smash my face into a bloody puddle after watching this anime

If you so care to know my personal complaint with this show…

Another character this summer season whose glasses fall off and they’re completely blind!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yeah I know it’s a common anime device but two shows this season where I have to deal with this? Anime aren’t you better than this by now? If some how it serves a purpose ok whatever. When it happens for no reason…*sigh*