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Kuroshitsuji Ep. 3: Really You Don’t Know Me?

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So there has been some debate as to what is happening in the new season of Kuroshitsuji. Many people believe that it’s a rewind to somehow fit Alois into the plot of the first season. Personally I didn’t like that idea and if it were true I thought it would be a cop-out. You already had your chance at the first season you don’t get to go back and rewrite it. However after watching the third episode I believe I can safely say we’re not back in the first season. Something odd is happening that’s for sure but we’re not in the first season.

In episode three we run into Grell again. He’s up to his usual antics of trying to profess his love to Sebby while fighting with him at the same time.

He is really one of the most important pieces of this episode though. When Ciel sees him he appears to have a sort of flash back to Madame Red from season one but at the same time he doesn’t recognize Grell. Grell on the other hand knows both Sebastian and Ciel. He looks a little perplexed as to why Ciel doesn’t know him but doesn’t say anything probably because he doesn’t really care about Ciel just his Sebby.

Otherwise the episode is about a woman who was forced into an arranged marriage going on a murder spree. Her husband apparently didn’t love her enough and the fact that she became ugly is his fault. We find out someone told her to do all of this because she would meet beautiful men that would love her. Also instead of the Queen just having her Loyal Dog, Ciel. She has a “Spider” that works for her too.

Anybody else notice that Trancy sounds like tranchula when Sebastian says it this episode?

Back to the idea of where the hell this season takes place in time. I didn’t think it could be season one due to the flower ring that Elizabeth made at the end of season one showing up in episode two.

Episode three was another great episode and I am loving the mystery that’s surrounding this season. Here is a blip about the manga artist, Toboso Yana,  regarding season two…

“When the second season was announced on January 31st last winter, she received tremendous numbers of messages from the fans. The majority of the messages were criticisms against the absence of Ciel and Sebastian from the second season. “How dare you desert the fans, who have been waiting for the two?” “If you don’t have affections for your characters, you don’t deserve to be the author!” She and the producers had expected the bitter reactions because they intentionally hid Ciel and Sebastian from the announcement. In the first season, director Shinohara chose to bring the revenge of Ciel to an end and Toboso had approved it. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the fans had given the green light to the second season after that. Toboso asked the producers not to reset the finale of the first season. To meet two conflicting conditions: “We must not revive Ciel easily” versus “We want to show the two once again”, she had been vigorously working on the scenario for half a year with other staff. In conclusion, they had created a new rival pair, Alois and Claude. With an intention of showing them “big” and dominant, Alois and Claude were placed in the main of the key illustrations and the trailer and Sakurai Takahiro and Mizuki Nana were assigned to them. Toboso said that the aim of the tricky announcement will be understood if you watch the series to the end.”

So what do you guys think? Has Sebastian maybe somehow brought us back in time? Have we continued on from the end of season two except a lot of Ciel’s memories have been replaced? Some other theory? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!


Togainu no Chi 2010 Anime Trailer: Too Bad We Still Have to Wait

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Yeah I know this trailer has been out for awhile, but I felt like posting it since it popped up while I was watching the Shiki trailer. Plus who can ever have enough Togainu no Chi? Hopefully with this anime coming out we’ll also have more figure releases that I can add to my collection. I need to get caught up on the manga too…

Shiki Ep. 2: Small Towns Really Kill The Soul

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Today I watched the second episode of Shiki. This show really is shaping up to be one of my summer favorites! Episode two really cemented the horror/creepy feeling of the show. I posted a trailer above instead of the usual episode picture, because it really does display the horror feel the show is growing into.

Not much to say about this episode, because I liked it so much. Local doctor Ozaki Toshio is piecing together that all the recent deaths seem to have something behind them. Also Yuuki Natsuno is a huge dick this episode, and pissed me off. I know you didn’t even really know Megumi, but take a dead girls letter! Even if just for the sake of  her mourning friend. Throw it away I don’t care! Just take it.

All that’s left to say is…go watch this show!! You can always watch it subbed over at Funimation.

Review: Heiwajima Shizuo, Orihara Izaya Coffee Mug

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I say coffee mug because that’s what it’s shaped like but it’s probably a little smaller than what you may be used to with a coffee mug.

I have little girlie hands so the mug fits pretty comfortably for me. Anyone with a larger hand could have problems trying to hold the mug though.

Other than that it’s beautifully made. Both Shizuo and Izaya look awesome on the mug. The images are crisp and the colors have beautiful contrast. Also I like that the mug is light weight. I hate when you have a heavy mug. Once you put liquid in it it gets even heavier!

Here’s a picture of the box.

This is the only important side. All the others are just light blue. (Also sorry about the pictures. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my camera at the moment.)

I like this mug so much that I accidentally bought two and am having a really hard time parting with the second one. I know I should sell it but a part of me doesn’t want to. I could display them next to each other like in the product photo. Decisions, decisions.

Figure Review: Nia Teppelin – Wave & Sega

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Along with receiving Hijikata Toshiro. I also got two Nia figures in today. Both the Wave short hair beach figure and the EX Sega figure. First we’ll talk about the Sega EX figure. (Yes I do have a lady-crush on Nia! She’s too cute!)

I have all the Sega Gurren Lagann sets. I just got the first set in today though. Similar to the Kuroshitsuji Sega sets the first Gurren Lagann set isn’t as well made as the later ones. Not to say it’s not well made but later they take more care in color details. It probably wouldn’t have hurt to have a different colored base considering both her and Yoko have red bottomed shoes. Her outfit is very well made. Nice pleats and there are even the little holes in the back. Also all the jewels stick out and are colored.

Here are all the Sega Nias together.

As I said the other figure I got in today was the short hair version of swimsuit Nia by Wave. She’s very cute and the details are very nice. I love the beach ball. It actually has seems like a beach ball and is see-through. She’s even using one hand to fiddle with her swimsuit. I like the Sega swimsuit design better than this one is still cute. The flower also has very nice details.

The Sega and Wave beach Nias together.

And another!

Yes, I did receive the EX Yoko today too but I don’t plan on keeping her. I didn’t open the box because of this. So no review.

Mitsudomoe Ep. 1 & 2: Groin Abuse, Snot Ropes, and lots of Urine

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I really liked Kodomo no Jikan. I really liked Chu-Bra. I did not like Mitsudomoe. The show is just a series of random happenings that mostly make you go wtf. Basically we’re following three severely messed up sixth graders and the unfortunate people forced to be around them. However all the gags the show tries to pull off never really make you feel anything except at times disgust.

One of our first big gags is when the girls decide to injure their teacher’s groin so the school nurse will have to treat it and the two will fall in love. This was one of the more interesting moments but still just kind of meh. There were many uneventful stories like the classroom hamster being named Nipple among other non-eventful stories. The other stories that stuck out only stuck out due to disgust they brought on. One of the sisters has a cold and sneezes snot everywhere. The worst part is it’s like industrial strength snot rope. This may sound amusing but please believe me it’s not. Also another gross moment is when the school nurse is collecting urine samples. She spills urine everywhere. Everyone gets urine on them. It doesn’t stop there either. Due to some mystical force the urine bottles appear from nowhere. (Really how did a urine bottle get into her coat pocket?) So we have to deal with urine in coffee and urine used as eye drops.

Lets also face the fact that the girls in this show or supposed to be sixth graders but every character looks like a child. The adults look like they’re in middle-school and the middle-school kids look like preschool-elementary school kids! Everyone usually has one round chipmunk tooth and in general the same body type. Like some weird chibi form…

If you love yourself…hell even if you only tolerate yourself stay away from this show! After the first episode I wanted to stop but I decided to go on for the sake of reviewing. I was even hoping it would get better. So I thought I need to give the second episode a try. Don’t be like me and sacrifice precious moments of your life on this show. Stay far far away!

I also wanted to smash my face into a bloody puddle after watching this anime

If you so care to know my personal complaint with this show…

Another character this summer season whose glasses fall off and they’re completely blind!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yeah I know it’s a common anime device but two shows this season where I have to deal with this? Anime aren’t you better than this by now? If some how it serves a purpose ok whatever. When it happens for no reason…*sigh*

Occult Academy Ep. 2: Shadow Penis & Bath-towel Battles

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After watching the second episode of Occult Academy I’m concluding that it’s a comedy with the occasional dark moment and a super natural theme. I did enjoy the second episode more than the first but it’s still not close to being one of my favorite shows.

The plot of Occult Academy is explained a little better in this episode. We find out that our mysterious floating boy from the sky is a guy named Fumiaki and he’s from the year 2012. The earth has almost completely been taken over by aliens and he’s been sent back to stop that from happening. Of course it seems the initial trigger for this event happens at Occult Academy.

Maya on the other hand discovers that her father was murdered by the people presumably responsible for said event. She gets attacked by a ghost while taking a shower. (I do enjoy Maya much more in this episode than the first.) And that is what leads to all the events that end up with her and Fumiaki deciding to team up.

So this show isn’t horrible but I don’t find it very gripping. If you are looking for a distraction and just want to be entertained for a while then go ahead and watch Occult Academy. There’s worse ways to spend your time after all. If you have to go out of your way to watch it though I say don’t.