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Kuroshitsuji II: Watch it Now or Fail

Posted in anime, I like hot dudes, review with tags , , , , , , on July 10, 2010 by ampzr

This will probably be the hardest anime first episode to talk about this summer season because it was so incredibly awesome and I have to try and not give everything away. Before I get into it though I will say I’m a bad person and just finished Kuroshitsuji yesterday. I was on episode 16 forever and since the new season started I buckled down and finished it along with the OVA. I think it helped though because the show was still fresh for me so I felt this first episode even more.

Alois Goal: to be even more shotaesque than Ciel so you love him more. Shorter shorts. Knee highs. Bows on his boots.

For those who don’t know the first episode of season 2 starts out with a new kid, Alois Trancy, and his butler, Claude Faustus. Though many people seem to hate Alois and say he’s too bratty. I see a crazy as all hell kid whose past experiences affected him differently than the way Ciel was able to deal with his. (I was also probably not as bothered by the pair starting the episode because of what I’d already read about the episode. More on that soon.) One of the first scenes we see with Alois is him getting out of a bed naked with bruises. Oh yeah there’s an older man naked in the bed too. I think I’d be pretty crazy if something like that was happening to me on a regular basis. Of course from that one scene I can’t say for sure it is but that’s pretty good motivation for someone to make a contract with a demon right? Through out our time with Alois and Claude we see how horrible/crazy Alois is. He does the so called “bratty” things like unbuttoning the shit that Claude just buttoned for him and purposely spilling a glass of wine. Oh but the craziness is there in the extreme. After Claude dresses him he decides to have a high pitched crazy laugh fest while rolling around on his bed for no reason. Oh yeah and stabs his maid’s eye out with his fingers because she looked him in the eye. He also goes quite quickly from I’m a laughing little brat to I’m pissed off and crazy. One of the many examples is when he’s delighted about the changes Claude has made to the dinning room and suddenly his facial expression changes and he’s calling his upcoming dinner guests bastards. Claude on he other hand doesn’t seem to have that much personality like many people are saying but he also doesn’t get much screen time. He does preform awesome butler feats like any good demon butler should and they are very entertaining.

Now I’ll tell you why I can like these characters. Though I didn’t mind knowing you may not want to read further ahead if you want this to be a surprise. I’m not going to spoil the whole episode but I will talk about one of it’s most awesome factors…

Hopefully you’re not reading this if you don’t want to know. Plus I had to right something before I said…Sebastian shows up! That’s right our favorite demon butler shows up and has a mini butler showdown with Claude. Of course he manages to call Alois a brat and is overall his awesome self. That’s not even everything that makes this episode great.

If your a fan of Kuroshitsuji then this first episode should hook you right back in. I’m looking forward to episode 2!