My Sales

I’m currently trying to sell some of my older figures and ones I have duplicates of. If anyone is interested you can e-mail me at Make the subject Summer Cleaning. Thanks!

prices are negotiable just send me a e-mail

Nendoroid/Figma Winter Accessories sealed in bag
I have an extra set of what I’d call light purplish-pink nendoroid/figma winter accessories. Both my winter versions came with this color. It has the scarf and a set of figma & nendoriod gloves. $7

Action Figures none of these figures contain boxes
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix – Naomi Armitage $8 (the black pieces by her sholders are broken but still attached and could be glued back in place. Also doesn’t include gun or hand cuffs)
Legend of Dragoon – Rose $15

Trading Figures none of these figures contain boxes
Bleach The Styling – Abarai Renji $7
Bleach The Styling – Kurosaki Ichigo $7
Bleach The Styling – Matsumoto Rangiku $7
Code Geass R2 EX-Portraits – Lelouch Lamperouge $8
Growlanser IV – Dianna Silvernale $5
HGIF Evangelion File Neo Vol 2 – Nagisa Kaworu $7
Magical Canan – Cerulean Blue $5 no base/stand
Ningyo Shippuden 3 – Haruno Sakura $5
Ningyo Shippuden 3 – Yamato $5
ONE COIN FIGURE SERIES: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball – Helena $5 no base/stand
TECMO GALS COLLECTION – Daian Pinky $5 no base/stand
TECMO GALS COLLECTION – Sara $5 no base/stand
Tsubasa Rerservoir Chronicle Chibi Figure – Syaoran $5
Akiyama Mio Swimsuit Ver. $7
Kotobuki Tsumugi Swimsuit Ver. $7
Tainaka Ritsu Swimsuit Ver. $7

Completed Models these figures do contain boxes and all pieces
Yoko Littner EX Sega $20 (NIB)

Completed Models none of these figures contain boxes
Headliners, Pioneer Tenchi Muyo – Ryoko $12 (has a button that makes  it talks but I don’t know if it still works since I haven’t bought batteries for it in a while. I don’t see why it still wouldn’t though.)
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Kagato $2
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Masaki Ayeka Jurai $2
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Masaki Sasami Jurai $2
Kyun-Chara ver. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – Simon $12
Summer Beach Ver. – Yoko $15

I’m selling an assortment of pinky:st parts. I’m not sure about the price. I know what I’ve seen them go for in the past, but right now I’m just taking offers. I will end up putting them on ebay if no one wants them.
Pics are located here: All Pieces, Upper Bodies, Lower Bodies, Skirts, Accessories, Character Cards


Heiwajima Shizuo/Orihara Izaya Black Mug $15 – I just received it in today(7/15). When I ordered them I accidentally ordered two. Instead of dealing with the fact that I ordered two I figured I would just sell the second one. So here it is! Brand new in box. I did open it to make sure it arrived safely.

Send me an e-mail if you have any questions or if you’re interested. None of these prices include shipping. I can also get pictures if anyone wants them.


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