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Japanese Fan Video Fun Time – Durarara

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Alright lets start this out with the obvious fact that I didn’t make any of these. There are tons of fan made videos for tons of animes out there. Usually they start out on Nico Nico Douga and end up migrating to Youtube. Today I’ll show you some of the Durarara ones I really like. We’ll have some serious and some silly. Here we go!

It’s Pocky time ladies and gentlemen!

Izaya loves Shizuo?

Mandatory Caramelldansen Clip

Time to rock out with all our characters!

A very nice Shizuo & Izaya vid

Shizuo & Izaya shall sing to you

Durarara Gourmet Race –
if you don’t love this video I’ll have to go cry in a corner and wonder what the world is coming to

Let Izaya serenade you

Well there are just a few. You can literally spend hours searching youtube for more if you so desire. After just now spending said hours to compile these videos I leave you now to go watch some anime for the night. Also I leave you with one more video…

Izaya Caramelldansen (come on with how popular these videos are did you really expect to only get one?)


Things Get Interesting

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Just when I thought it was going to be a boring day I stumble upon something great! Back on June 24th I downloaded an AMV, AMVNews Alt.Opening.2009 Le.Chiffre-Ian.Flemings Property of a Lady. I was just about to watch some of the new summer animes when I saw this amv sitting in my download folder. Clicking on it was the best decision I’ve made today.

Do you love anime girls with guns, James Bond, and/or Muse? I happen to love all three of these things and Property of a Lady brings them all together beautifully! Not to mention the spectacular editing. I’ve provided a youtube video below, but I always recommend using AnimeMusicVideo.Org to download your AMVs.

Ragtime Blues

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I keep wanting to make a new music video, but I haven’t really gotten any inspiration lately. Along this note has anyone out there used Adobe CS5 yet? I’ve been putting off making the transition, but if anyone has feedback I might switch sooner. Also I’d love to make a collaboration video if anyone has an idea they’d like to see in music video form.

Alright I’ll get back to my boring day. (No new figures came today.) I should probably watch one of the many animes I need to catch up on.

Anime Munters: Hilarious Yaoi

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OMG this is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s so funny!


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Still avoiding that homework…though I did go take a test I needed to take.

Here’s this video to fill some time. Plus, it feels relevant because of this announcement.

It’s Only a Fairytale

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Wow, an update.

I’ve been working on an Anime Music Video for a long time now. Lately whenever I make an AMV in the end it just seems to go wrong. My last video I made I lost due to an external hard-drive crash. Now, my most recent video is finished. During this process I also had some trouble. Couldn’t find a copy of the DVD (I wanted it to be a high quality video.) Then the video file I had, I lost. Finally, I got a video file again and managed to remove the subtitles. The video quality is lacking now due to all of this. (There was also a computer crash.) Considering all my bad luck with AMV’s lately I’m going to be happy that it got finished and move on. I’ll probably come back to it inĀ  few months but after trying to get this video finished for over half a year I’m done.

Yes there were problems while making this video but I still hope people enjoy it. I did put a lot of energy into this video and tried some new things. It’s kind of like my first AMV all over again. It’s been so long since I’ve released an AMV it certainly makes it feel that way. Like I said please enjoy and I hope you look forward to my upcoming videos. (There are two tribute videos in the works right now.)

Don’t Stop

Posted in tv shows, videos on May 27, 2009 by ampzr

I was a little angry after watching the first/pilot episode of Glee. Why is that you might ask. Well it’s because it was only a preview and the show doesn’t start till fall.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch it. You need to as soon as possible. I love Nip/Tuck and in my opinion that show also deals with music very well. Ryan Murphy does everything right with Glee. I love music and that’s one of the reasons I love this show. Now I don’t mean just the characters singing(though that is great). I mean the way music is used to enhance the atmosphere. Don’t Stop Believin’ is used perfectly to capture the characters continuing on with their dreams. Especially Will Schuester(Matthew Morrison) as he makes his huge life decision.

Also I like my shows to have a certain feel to them too; if that makes any sense. I’m usually drawn to that oddball show and I guess that’s what I’m trying to get at when I say feel.The show is very funny and all the characters are a little odd. It also uses flashback voice overs which I love. Like when you readĀ  a Palahniuk novel. You’re getting the story but it feels different because the character’s personality really shows through.

Glee has to do with struggles of individuals searching for themselves. Yeah they’re in high school and you may think that wouldn’t appeal to some of us out of high school but the show does a nice job of inspiring anyone. Come on, I’m sure everyone remembers high school and maybe even being that outcast wanting to fulfill some dream. Or being the popular kid not comfortable in their own skin. If not there’s always struggling teacher Will Schuester. Who I’m sure anyone can relate to since we’re all just trying to navigate our lives. Basically what I’m getting at is watch this show! If you’ve ever had a dream. Watch this show!

The view of high school maybe a little stereotypical but that doesn’t stop the message and over all feeling of this show from shinning through. Also some of the characters put me off at first. Example Rachel Berry(Lea Michele). I don’t really like her personality but I could see her grow slightly in the first episode and I’m actually looking forward to seeing that continue. I think we’ll get to see a lot from each character and find out who they really are.

Now here’s a trailer for you. You can watch the first episode online at or you can get it from whatever channels you may use. (note this trailer was for the preview on fox so ignore the date at the end)

If you enjoy this show make sure to watch and support it in the fall. I hate to see when a show that’s actually good gets cancelled.