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Kingdom Hearts Run in Circles and Do Nothing (They know we’ll buy it)

Posted in personal, review, video games with tags , , , on July 11, 2010 by ampzr

God I love Kingdom Hearts games and I can’t wait to play Birth by Sleep, but does anyone else feel like we’re just getting the run around sometimes. There was some Kingdom Hearts E3 news but if it wasn’t already obvious neither one of these games appears to continue the story.

There’s a new DS game which is just a rehash of the mobile Kingdom Hearts game that came out in Japan. Yeah I was pissed back in the day when I heard Japan was getting a cell phone game that I couldn’t play. Yeah I’ll buy re:Coded. I’m still pissed off though that there’s no news on anything like a Kingdom Hearts 3.

Now the other game announced was for the 3Ds. A 3d Kingdom Hearts game does sound fun, but I’ll let this wonderful report from E3 by Ulti from khinsider sum it up for you…
“The “non interactive demo” kicks off with Sora and Riku on Destiny Islands. Let me rephrase that. KH1 Sora and KH1 Riku. We appear to be back into the KH timeline so it already seems like this game does not continue the story. Both kids are gazing at the sea until Riku falls backwards and disappears into thin air. Sora looks back to Riku but he is gone. Worried, Sora appears to be calling out to him. I say appears because I could not hear a damn thing. So, Sora looks around Destiny Islands. Now, it starts getting weird.

And by weird I mean Sora has the Keyblade, Kingdom Key style, and is able to Glide. No idea how Sora can do this already. At sunset, Sora wanders off to the crooked tree at the front of the island. He sits down, appearing tired, and closes his eyes. There is a flash of light and suddenly we are in Trverse Town. But Sora is not here. It is Riku! Riku appears to be surprised by this as well and wanders about, eventually heading into the next district. Shadow Heartless surround Riku in a familiar scene from the first KH game. Riku, worried some more, looks to a twinkling in the sky.

It is Sora! Wait, another Sora? And another. Holy crap it is raining Sora! Yes, I am serious. A bunch of Sora are falling from the sky. But when the camera pans back to Riku, it is not Riku but Sora. Now Sora is surrounded by Heartless. He whips out his Keyblade and starts thrashing the little ones about. Then suddenly a giant Nobody appears in the square with him. Sora takes charge and assaults it. Sora wakes up on the crooked tree. Next to him are Riku and Kairi.

End trailer. So, what did we learn? Nothing. Seriously, we learn NOTHING about this game. We are left in a wake of more confusion. I am not even sure if this trailer had anything to do with the game but to simply show us KH in 3D. But I do admit it looks terrific on the 3DS. Hopefully, we will get actual news about the new game soon. ”

So apparently we’re replaying parts of KH again. Yay! Just what I always wanted to do…again. Sometimes I wish I didn’t love this series so much so I could stop playing all these remakes and then getting mad when I don’t own the Final Mixes that come out. Will they ever continue the series or will we forever be stuck playing rehashes just so SquareEnix can make some money off of us?


It’s Been A While

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Wow, I didn’t check the actual date but I know it’s been a long time. Had some school and health issues but I’m back. Of course no one was really reading so we can only hope this is a fresh start.

My current obsession is Durarara. Anything and everything to do with this show I end up buying. Ok maybe I should correct that. Anything to do with Shizuo and/or Izaya I end up buying.  I’ve bought tumblers, mugs, blankets, tissues, magazines (even if they’re just on the cover & not in the magazine that much) and the PSP game. I’m even thinking about getting a custom dakimakura made. What’s a girl to do?

I’m excited for the PSP game though for the sole reason that I ordered the limited edition and from what I understand that’s the edition that comes with these lovelies…

I can’t wait! I know there are a lot of people out there that enjoy Durarara. I’d be happy to hear your favorite characters.

Also if your looking for the PSP game here are some links…
Durarara!! 3-way Standoff [Limited Edition]
Durarara!! 3-way Standoff [Regular Edition]

GameCrush: Be a Player

Posted in horror, personal, video games, wacky on March 29, 2010 by ampzr

Upon visiting Topless Robot I discovered that there’s a new site called GameCrush. I’d explain it all but it’s best to read this:

“GameCrush, now available in public beta, introduces an entirely new interactive social gaming experience allowing gamers to meet, match and pay to play online games with other users (PlayDates). GameCrush is the only online service that allows gamers to choose a companion to spice up their favorite online games. Both Players and PlayDates define the experience they want- either “flirty” or “dirty”, choosing from some of the most popular console titles and casual web-based games. To register for free, visit”

Also from the GameCrush website,

“The GameCrush Public Beta is temporarily unavailable due to the incredible user response (more than 10,000 inquiries in five minutes). We are adding new servers to provide players with the best PlayDate experience possible. Games with GameCrush PlayDates start at $6.60 for ten minutes.”

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this. As a girl gamer I play with boys all the time for free. Does this make me more or less of a game whore than if I charged money? No but in all seriousness I’m wondering what people think of this? Is it just perpetuating the ideas that lonely boys play video games and girls will only play if they’re getting something out of it?

Once the site is back I’ll sign up and see what it’s all about. I’m curious but really afraid. I don’t want to be saddened by what I might see or experience on this site. Also I don’t know if I could be “flirty” or “dirty” while playing games with someone. Unless you count swearing up and down because I’m getting my ass kicked. I’d probably just end up laughing all the time at the ridiculousness of the situation.

I’ll give my thoughts later once I take a look. (God save my soul.)

Who want’s to bet the girls you’ll be playing with won’t look like this?