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This Looks Kind Of Good…*Collective Groan*

Posted in bad for your health, horror, movies, preview, supernatural with tags , , , on July 17, 2010 by ampzr

There were quite a few entries I wanted to post yesterday. Unfortunately I’m passing a kidney stone. I’m always saying I never want to have kids, but everyone says a kidney stone is worse than childbirth. Maybe I should give birth…nah still rather have the kidney stones even though they hurt like hell.

Anyway one thing I wanted to write about, but didn’t get the chance was the during the midnight showing of Inception I went to there was a trailer for a movie everyone seemed to be enjoying. It seemed suspenseful and spooky. That is until the entire theater groaned collectively when this…

showed up on screen. Everyone then proceeded to bust up laughing. I can only think though that the sigh happened because the trailer really did look good and we were all disappointed that the movie was made by M. Night Shyamalan. We wanted it to be good. I guess that brings me to a few questions. Has M. Night ruined his name so much that even if he makes something good no one will go see it? How many people out there are still rooting for him? Hoping for that next great movie? I know I’ve seen them all. I’ll probably continue to see them all. Even though me and my friend were so close to walking out of The Happening.

Well here’s the trailer for Shyamalan’s newest movie, Devil. Let me know what you think.


Shiki Ep. 2: Small Towns Really Kill The Soul

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Today I watched the second episode of Shiki. This show really is shaping up to be one of my summer favorites! Episode two really cemented the horror/creepy feeling of the show. I posted a trailer above instead of the usual episode picture, because it really does display the horror feel the show is growing into.

Not much to say about this episode, because I liked it so much. Local doctor Ozaki Toshio is piecing together that all the recent deaths seem to have something behind them. Also Yuuki Natsuno is a huge dick this episode, and pissed me off. I know you didn’t even really know Megumi, but take a dead girls letter! Even if just for the sake of  her mourning friend. Throw it away I don’t care! Just take it.

All that’s left to say is…go watch this show!! You can always watch it subbed over at Funimation.

Occult Academy Ep. 2: Shadow Penis & Bath-towel Battles

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After watching the second episode of Occult Academy I’m concluding that it’s a comedy with the occasional dark moment and a super natural theme. I did enjoy the second episode more than the first but it’s still not close to being one of my favorite shows.

The plot of Occult Academy is explained a little better in this episode. We find out that our mysterious floating boy from the sky is a guy named Fumiaki and he’s from the year 2012. The earth has almost completely been taken over by aliens and he’s been sent back to stop that from happening. Of course it seems the initial trigger for this event happens at Occult Academy.

Maya on the other hand discovers that her father was murdered by the people presumably responsible for said event. She gets attacked by a ghost while taking a shower. (I do enjoy Maya much more in this episode than the first.) And that is what leads to all the events that end up with her and Fumiaki deciding to team up.

So this show isn’t horrible but I don’t find it very gripping. If you are looking for a distraction and just want to be entertained for a while then go ahead and watch Occult Academy. There’s worse ways to spend your time after all. If you have to go out of your way to watch it though I say don’t.

Shiki ep. 1: More Supernatural/Horror For Our Summer Season

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It’s summer lets bring out the dark, moody, and in general try and make things a little less bright. We’ve got our demons in Kuroshitsuji II. Zombies in High School of the Dead. Right now it appears general occult and ghosties in Occult Academy. Why not throw in another supernatural/horror show? Of course I don’t mind because I eat this stuff up. Review time!

Pictured above is Megumi, a high fashioned girl stuck in a small “hick” town. The only thing she wants is to escape and have a glamourous life in the big city. Oh and the newer boy in town Yuuki too. He’s from the city after all so that’s probably a plus in her book.

The episode starts out with a search party looking for Megumi in the woods and we see her body lying on the ground. After the credits we rewind and get to experience Megumi and her everyday life before that opening scene occured. She’s really rather cute and gets angry at even old lady gossip. I enjoyed watching her parade angrily around town. Who hasn’t at one point thought while growing up that their life would be better off if they could just get to the big city? There has been a recently built European styled mansion in her town and she can’t wait for it’s residents to move in. Also imagining that they’ll think she is so cute and want to be her pseudo parents. We’re also introduced to other characters either by Megumi’s interactions with them or from the strange deaths that occur nearby.

Basically the beginning of this episode is leading up to Megumi stomping off to the mansion after it’s new owners have moved in. Megumi gets the strange feeling she is being watched and this is where our opening scene links back in. After finding Megumi she won’t eat and is getting frailer and frailer. It seems that something was done to her by someone (seems to be the blonde mother) from the mansion and shortly thereafter she passes away.

I loved the feeling this show gives off. The characters all seemed lovable in their own ways and really I liked Megumi a lot. I’m hoping she’s not actually dead. Hey, it’s a supernatural show is it could happen. The “creepier” scenes are done very well and what I can only imagine are the mother and daughter from the mansion never get their eyes shown. You don’t see them or it’s just blackness and that had a nice creepy effect.

I can’t wait for the next episode. So far another one of my summer favorites along with Kuroshitsuji II and High School of the Dead.

Occult Academy: I Am Not A Number I’m A Free Man

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I have to admit that I wasn’t feeling Occult Academy at first. Maya was annoying me and I just got a weird vibe from the show trying to be arty with the style but silly at the same time. I couldn’t tell if the silliness was intentional or not either. About half way through it kept my attention better but I still hold final judgment until I see later episodes. Lets get on with this review! (Also this is a long in depth review because I’m really trying to get across why I felt the way I did.)

So the episode starts out with a man being chased by some red eyed moth creature. He’s working with some sort of supernatural organization and needs a teleport out of there fast. Opps too bad for him he’s dies. Presumably because of said moth creature. However this group has one more agent, number 6. (If you get this entry title you’re my hero. Also no I haven’t watched the remake.) This part of the show I found suspenseful and interesting.

Things then take a 180 turn from there. Now we’re following our main character Maya. A girl who hates the occult and feverishly denies it’s existence. Her father was the Principle of Occult Academy and has recently passed. Maya just seems pissed off and disagreeable the whole time she’s on screen. Now not to say I don’t like hard to deal with characters. So far Saya is one of my favorite characters from High School of the Dead. Something about Maya just rubs me wrong. So she arrives late to her fathers funeral and the one comical scene to arise from this is when the vice principle greets her crying and has a long snot drip coming from her nose. She sniffs it up and wipes it away with her hand. The same hand that she then uses to grab Maya’s luggage handle much to Maya’s disgust. (While this was amusing it is still on of the factors that leads to the wtf feeling I get from this show. What kind of show are you trying to be? Comedy? Serious?)

Now we’re at the funeral and the whole time Maya  is sitting on stage with a sour face and is tapping her foot. That is until the Vice Principle plays the Principle’s last message to his students. Oh great it’s an ancient spell that summons and evil spirit. Even during the message the Principle is like opps guess I read the wrong spell oh well going to bed now. I’m bothered by this the whole time I’m watching. I just keep thinking why in the hell didn’t he go back and record over it then? Fore-mentioned evil spirit takes over the Principles corpse and begins to scare all the lil kiddies present at his funeral. Oh yeah and for some unknown reason he drips green slime all over like he’s Slimer from Ghostbusters or something. Maya proceeds to throw the possessed corpse (Of her father!) back into the coffin after hitting it with a folding chair wrestling style and claims that this whole fiasco is staged.

From here we’ll skip ahead. The Slimer Principle escapes the coffin and goes flying off leaving Maya to locate him. Now things start to get interesting. We meet some other characters like Maya’s childhood friend Ami, the school mechanic named Smiles (hell yeah!), and other members of our ragtag spirit hunting group. During all the above happening Maya is very knowledgeable about what is going on. Which at the time pissed me off because I was like how can a girl who hates the super natural know so much about it?!? From Ami though we discover that Maya once loved the supernatural. They used to do all sorts of supernatural games together.

Our thrown together group is hunting the spirit when one girl in the party gets possessed. It’s not at all clear why this happens beside the fact that maybe they wanted to bring back the “oh know her glasses fell off and she can’t see anything” joke. I foresee this joke happening throughout the series a lot though I pray it doesn’t. After this Maya finds her father sitting in a room decorated for Christmas. It’s nice and cozy and there’s a roaring fire. He tells her that yes it really was all staged and he knew she wouldn’t visit unless she thought he was dead. They have a touching moment and Maya cries on him. She then gets up and starts to walk away from him to leave the room. When the principle stands up we see that dun dun dun he has sharp pointy claw nails and isn’t really the Principle but the Slimer Principle! Of course we knew this all along but I love twisted stuff like that. Apparently Maya also knew all along and suddenly has an axe. The only way to kill the creature is to cut off the host bodies head. Bye Bye daddie’s head! All the “blood” is green because remember he’s Slimer but these scenes are still excellently made and have a great feel.

Maya now gets some redeeming back story. Once again we’re shown how much she used to love the supernatural and she goes to visit her dad in his study. While trying to get him to interact with her he smacks child her in the face sending Maya to the ground. He has become obsessed with the supernatural and no longer cares about his family. Maya and her mother leave him and he goes to build his Occult Academy never once trying to contact them. Discovering all of this I now forgive Maya’s earlier behavior toward her dead father.

After all of this and a little more Maya is on the school roof. We get clips from other characters like the Vice Principle who seems she may not actually be such a great person but one of our shows evil characters set out to do evil things. And when the clock tower’s bell rings a bright light shines down from the clouds and a naked boy wearing swimming goggles descends in front of a freaked out Maya. It’s number 6! He finally gets tied back in at the end of the episode and we’re done.

So yeah in the end I like the episode and no not just because of the naked man. Come on what do you think of me? I hope the show sheds it pointless silliness. I wouldn’t mind if it was actually funny but it’s just stupid. When the show took itself seriously I enjoyed it. I’ll continue to watch for now and hope it gets better.

Also random notes…

  • The live-action kids in the ending have some scary eyebrows.
  • The show takes place in the year 1999 and one of the first things we’re greeted to is a news report about will the world end. Y2k anyone?
  • The opening makes a point (in my opinion) to linger on the year 2012 and then quickly count down to the year 1999. So maybe we’re dealing with a have to stop the end of the world and the only way to do it is destroy this school show.

High School Of the Dead & It Just Keeps Getting Better

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I just finished the second episode of High School of the Dead. Again another great episode. While the first episode was more about mood and setup. Episode two starts to delve into our characters a little more. Finally they’re all coming together and we get to see some great emotions from the cast. Of course atmosphere is still maintained by showing some news footage from the outside world and the characters try to setup a plan to escape the school and find their families.

I can’t wait to see their character growth as the series continues. I love that admits all of this zombie horror there is going to be romantic triangles and I’m sure hurt feelings. I mean lets face it just because zombies attack it doesn’t mean people lose who they used to be. That’s one of the aspects of this show that makes it believable.

Of course we can’t forget that there are still bouncing boobies and panty shots. Though it didn’t feel like there was as much as in the first episode. Maybe I was just watching for it to much. Although Marikawa Shizuka the school nurse does provide some hilarious jiggles

Everything is done right in this show and I hope that these two episodes are just glimpses of what greatness is to come.

Let the zombie gore commence!

Highschool of The Dead: Anime and Zombies Done Right

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Well, I’m a little behind the times. Actually quite a bit behind consider yesterday I used to finish two anime series that ended in early ’09 yesterday. Today I decided to watch the first episode of Highschool of the Dead though. Now I’m sure everyone’s already heard great things about this series but here it goes again.

First off I thought the animation was great! And yes there is tons of “fan service” with bouncing boobs and panty shots. I might vary from other girls in the fact that that doesn’t bother me. For some reason I especially like it in this show because it’s kind of funny in contrast to all the violence happening with the fan-service.

Also as you’ve probably heard there are many cliched ideas and scenes in the first episode but they pull it off so well it doesn’t even matter.

So far I love the main male character. I can’t tell his personality exactly but he doesn’t seem to be your “hero” hero type. Not to say he’s a coward just a angry highschooler with some problems. From the end of the episode it doesn’t even seem like he minds that he’s kind of gotten the girl he’s liked since childhood because he threatened to leave her alone after smashing in her zombie boyfriends brains. What a dick but we love it. Otherwise people wouldn’t like Death Note or Code Geass. Maybe that’s mostly girls who like those characters though because my male friends are always going on about how they hate those characters. We don’t really get introduced to the rest of the main cast yet but it does appear they all show up in one small clip or another.

*Had to come back and add that there’s even a Muse-esque song used toward the end of the episode. Think 28 weeks later. Or any recent trailer lately for that matter. Even Day & Knight used a Muse song…*

The only thing I have left to say is go watch it if you haven’t and I hope it keeps being great! Also any guys out there want to tell me if they like asshole main male charters?

I feel like I should buy figures from this show now…