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Al Azif, Another Blood Figure

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Today I got in my Al Azif, Another Blood figure. I managed to get them used at

These figures are absolutely beautiful. They’ve been sculpted with extreme detail and the paint job is very nice. With Another Blood’s outfit all of the wavy parts are made out of a clearer plastic which adds a nice effect. Like it’s all different material. Al Azif and Another Blood are two separate figures and you might be able to take them apart but I didn’t really try. I have to say overall I’m very pleased with this purchase and I’m thankful someone was willing to part with them when they did.


Kuroshitsuji Ep. 3: Really You Don’t Know Me?

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So there has been some debate as to what is happening in the new season of Kuroshitsuji. Many people believe that it’s a rewind to somehow fit Alois into the plot of the first season. Personally I didn’t like that idea and if it were true I thought it would be a cop-out. You already had your chance at the first season you don’t get to go back and rewrite it. However after watching the third episode I believe I can safely say we’re not back in the first season. Something odd is happening that’s for sure but we’re not in the first season.

In episode three we run into Grell again. He’s up to his usual antics of trying to profess his love to Sebby while fighting with him at the same time.

He is really one of the most important pieces of this episode though. When Ciel sees him he appears to have a sort of flash back to Madame Red from season one but at the same time he doesn’t recognize Grell. Grell on the other hand knows both Sebastian and Ciel. He looks a little perplexed as to why Ciel doesn’t know him but doesn’t say anything probably because he doesn’t really care about Ciel just his Sebby.

Otherwise the episode is about a woman who was forced into an arranged marriage going on a murder spree. Her husband apparently didn’t love her enough and the fact that she became ugly is his fault. We find out someone told her to do all of this because she would meet beautiful men that would love her. Also instead of the Queen just having her Loyal Dog, Ciel. She has a “Spider” that works for her too.

Anybody else notice that Trancy sounds like tranchula when Sebastian says it this episode?

Back to the idea of where the hell this season takes place in time. I didn’t think it could be season one due to the flower ring that Elizabeth made at the end of season one showing up in episode two.

Episode three was another great episode and I am loving the mystery that’s surrounding this season. Here is a blip about the manga artist, Toboso Yana,  regarding season two…

“When the second season was announced on January 31st last winter, she received tremendous numbers of messages from the fans. The majority of the messages were criticisms against the absence of Ciel and Sebastian from the second season. “How dare you desert the fans, who have been waiting for the two?” “If you don’t have affections for your characters, you don’t deserve to be the author!” She and the producers had expected the bitter reactions because they intentionally hid Ciel and Sebastian from the announcement. In the first season, director Shinohara chose to bring the revenge of Ciel to an end and Toboso had approved it. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the fans had given the green light to the second season after that. Toboso asked the producers not to reset the finale of the first season. To meet two conflicting conditions: “We must not revive Ciel easily” versus “We want to show the two once again”, she had been vigorously working on the scenario for half a year with other staff. In conclusion, they had created a new rival pair, Alois and Claude. With an intention of showing them “big” and dominant, Alois and Claude were placed in the main of the key illustrations and the trailer and Sakurai Takahiro and Mizuki Nana were assigned to them. Toboso said that the aim of the tricky announcement will be understood if you watch the series to the end.”

So what do you guys think? Has Sebastian maybe somehow brought us back in time? Have we continued on from the end of season two except a lot of Ciel’s memories have been replaced? Some other theory? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!

Everybody Loves A Trap – Hideyoshi

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Just a quick review of the Hideyoshi stick cushion I got in on Friday. (Another entry my kidney stone prevented me from posting.)

This seems to have become everyone’s favorite Hideyoshi outfit.  Personally not my favorite, but of course still cute. For anyone who doesn’t know a stick cushion is like a teeny tiny dakimakura. It’s just about 17-inches high and 5-inches long. Basically you can cuddle with it like a stuffed animal and that’s it.

As you can see barely the size of my couch back. So while stick cushions are a lot cheaper than dakimakuras. They really are a lot smaller.

Pluses about the stick cushion are that they don’t take up much room. You can only have so many dakimakuras on a bed, but you can have a lot of stick cushions. They come stuffed unlike dakimakuras which are just pillow covers. Stick cushions are extremely soft too. I’d recommend stick cushions to people especially if you can’t afford dakimakuras. They have great image quality and are extremely cuddly!

I took these photos at the same time as my mug photos on Friday. So…

yes my little dog Mattie. Stick cushions are the perfect size to be dakimakuras for her. Though she couldn’t stay still unless I was petting her.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Mug Set Review

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Alright well here’s another quick review of the new mug set I got in today.

This set actually came out back in May, but AmiAmi was able to back order it for me. It’s a great set. I was surprised when I opened it today because each mug actually has two pictures. So we get four adorable pictures in all.

The pictures are as I said adorable. The blue mug is Kirishima Shouko centric. While the pink mug is Kinoshita Hideyoshi centric. Hideyoshi’s mug also has his sister on it along with Himeji and Shimada. The mugs are made out of ceramic and only come as a set.

Also just to give you an idea of mug size here are some comparison shots with the Durarara!! mug from yesterday.

And for the hell of it…

One of my dogs, Mattie. She wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying to take pictures. She even stuck her head in one of the mugs at first.

You Mustn’t Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger Darling: Inception

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A break from the usual anime/manga news in-order to talk about Inception. I just got back from seeing it and I must say, absolutely fantastic! I was gripped the whole movie and I’m telling you all to go see it. The cast was phenomenal. The story was amazing. Really I can’t think of a bad thing to write. It makes me wish that I had the power to control my dreams. I often realize I’m dreaming while I’m in a dream, but as soon as I start to try and control that dream I wake up. If what they do in the movie were possible it would make things so fantastic and yet so terrifying by the prospects of what someone else could do to you in your dream or what you could end up doing to yourself. I don’t want to spoil anything so I leave it at that, but this is the must see movie so far this year. I think the must see movie for this whole year.

Watching this movie I couldn’t help but think of the statement I love to freak people out with. I love to ask people…

How do you know anything around you actually exists? The only person you know that actually has thoughts and a self is you. Everyone around you could be projections of your mind. You could really be sitting in a room somewhere and everything that’s happening to you right now might just be in your mind. You don’t know if I have thoughts and a self. So you don’t know if I really exist or if your mind made me.

I’ve freaked out a lot of my little brother’s friends by talking to them about that.

My personal side story to go along with this movie. First I have to say I live in basically two cities in one. Where the two meet is indistinguishable unless you’re really looking for the city sign. In fact it takes me about 15 minutes to get to the movie theater I went to even though it’s technically in a different city than mine. Why does any of this matter? Well due to storms today all the city street lights, stoplights, and any other light guiding your way while driving were out on my way to the movie. There is something eerily awesome about driving in a city with no lights. The even cooler part was passing through the intersection that separates my city from the other city and going from darkness into the usual city lights. It was all very surreal and dreamlike in it’s self.

Shiki Ep. 2: Small Towns Really Kill The Soul

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Today I watched the second episode of Shiki. This show really is shaping up to be one of my summer favorites! Episode two really cemented the horror/creepy feeling of the show. I posted a trailer above instead of the usual episode picture, because it really does display the horror feel the show is growing into.

Not much to say about this episode, because I liked it so much. Local doctor Ozaki Toshio is piecing together that all the recent deaths seem to have something behind them. Also Yuuki Natsuno is a huge dick this episode, and pissed me off. I know you didn’t even really know Megumi, but take a dead girls letter! Even if just for the sake of  her mourning friend. Throw it away I don’t care! Just take it.

All that’s left to say is…go watch this show!! You can always watch it subbed over at Funimation.

Review: Heiwajima Shizuo, Orihara Izaya Coffee Mug

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I say coffee mug because that’s what it’s shaped like but it’s probably a little smaller than what you may be used to with a coffee mug.

I have little girlie hands so the mug fits pretty comfortably for me. Anyone with a larger hand could have problems trying to hold the mug though.

Other than that it’s beautifully made. Both Shizuo and Izaya look awesome on the mug. The images are crisp and the colors have beautiful contrast. Also I like that the mug is light weight. I hate when you have a heavy mug. Once you put liquid in it it gets even heavier!

Here’s a picture of the box.

This is the only important side. All the others are just light blue. (Also sorry about the pictures. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my camera at the moment.)

I like this mug so much that I accidentally bought two and am having a really hard time parting with the second one. I know I should sell it but a part of me doesn’t want to. I could display them next to each other like in the product photo. Decisions, decisions.