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Aren’t I Beautiful?

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Well I didn’t mean to be gone for as long as I have been. Not that it really matters, but I’ve been ill and we’ve been trying to figure out what the hell is wrong. I get to go to a specialist next week. Oh goodie! For now though I should be fine and able to keep posting! So lets get to something awesome…

This beautiful figure is available for pre-order! I ordered mine over at AmiAmi for ¥7,420. At the time of writing this about $85. Don’t forget that price is without shipping. It’ll be more if you decide to get him.  Here’s a link directly to the figure…Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Static Arts Ciel Komadori Complete Figure[Square Enix]

Here are some more pictures. I just think the sculpting, painting, and design look great! Plus it’s Ciel in a dress. What’s not to love?


You Mustn’t Be Afraid To Dream A Little Bigger Darling: Inception

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A break from the usual anime/manga news in-order to talk about Inception. I just got back from seeing it and I must say, absolutely fantastic! I was gripped the whole movie and I’m telling you all to go see it. The cast was phenomenal. The story was amazing. Really I can’t think of a bad thing to write. It makes me wish that I had the power to control my dreams. I often realize I’m dreaming while I’m in a dream, but as soon as I start to try and control that dream I wake up. If what they do in the movie were possible it would make things so fantastic and yet so terrifying by the prospects of what someone else could do to you in your dream or what you could end up doing to yourself. I don’t want to spoil anything so I leave it at that, but this is the must see movie so far this year. I think the must see movie for this whole year.

Watching this movie I couldn’t help but think of the statement I love to freak people out with. I love to ask people…

How do you know anything around you actually exists? The only person you know that actually has thoughts and a self is you. Everyone around you could be projections of your mind. You could really be sitting in a room somewhere and everything that’s happening to you right now might just be in your mind. You don’t know if I have thoughts and a self. So you don’t know if I really exist or if your mind made me.

I’ve freaked out a lot of my little brother’s friends by talking to them about that.

My personal side story to go along with this movie. First I have to say I live in basically two cities in one. Where the two meet is indistinguishable unless you’re really looking for the city sign. In fact it takes me about 15 minutes to get to the movie theater I went to even though it’s technically in a different city than mine. Why does any of this matter? Well due to storms today all the city street lights, stoplights, and any other light guiding your way while driving were out on my way to the movie. There is something eerily awesome about driving in a city with no lights. The even cooler part was passing through the intersection that separates my city from the other city and going from darkness into the usual city lights. It was all very surreal and dreamlike in it’s self.

Kingdom Hearts Run in Circles and Do Nothing (They know we’ll buy it)

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God I love Kingdom Hearts games and I can’t wait to play Birth by Sleep, but does anyone else feel like we’re just getting the run around sometimes. There was some Kingdom Hearts E3 news but if it wasn’t already obvious neither one of these games appears to continue the story.

There’s a new DS game which is just a rehash of the mobile Kingdom Hearts game that came out in Japan. Yeah I was pissed back in the day when I heard Japan was getting a cell phone game that I couldn’t play. Yeah I’ll buy re:Coded. I’m still pissed off though that there’s no news on anything like a Kingdom Hearts 3.

Now the other game announced was for the 3Ds. A 3d Kingdom Hearts game does sound fun, but I’ll let this wonderful report from E3 by Ulti from khinsider sum it up for you…
“The “non interactive demo” kicks off with Sora and Riku on Destiny Islands. Let me rephrase that. KH1 Sora and KH1 Riku. We appear to be back into the KH timeline so it already seems like this game does not continue the story. Both kids are gazing at the sea until Riku falls backwards and disappears into thin air. Sora looks back to Riku but he is gone. Worried, Sora appears to be calling out to him. I say appears because I could not hear a damn thing. So, Sora looks around Destiny Islands. Now, it starts getting weird.

And by weird I mean Sora has the Keyblade, Kingdom Key style, and is able to Glide. No idea how Sora can do this already. At sunset, Sora wanders off to the crooked tree at the front of the island. He sits down, appearing tired, and closes his eyes. There is a flash of light and suddenly we are in Trverse Town. But Sora is not here. It is Riku! Riku appears to be surprised by this as well and wanders about, eventually heading into the next district. Shadow Heartless surround Riku in a familiar scene from the first KH game. Riku, worried some more, looks to a twinkling in the sky.

It is Sora! Wait, another Sora? And another. Holy crap it is raining Sora! Yes, I am serious. A bunch of Sora are falling from the sky. But when the camera pans back to Riku, it is not Riku but Sora. Now Sora is surrounded by Heartless. He whips out his Keyblade and starts thrashing the little ones about. Then suddenly a giant Nobody appears in the square with him. Sora takes charge and assaults it. Sora wakes up on the crooked tree. Next to him are Riku and Kairi.

End trailer. So, what did we learn? Nothing. Seriously, we learn NOTHING about this game. We are left in a wake of more confusion. I am not even sure if this trailer had anything to do with the game but to simply show us KH in 3D. But I do admit it looks terrific on the 3DS. Hopefully, we will get actual news about the new game soon. ”

So apparently we’re replaying parts of KH again. Yay! Just what I always wanted to do…again. Sometimes I wish I didn’t love this series so much so I could stop playing all these remakes and then getting mad when I don’t own the Final Mixes that come out. Will they ever continue the series or will we forever be stuck playing rehashes just so SquareEnix can make some money off of us?

All the Different Flavors of Alois

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So here I am pondering who to cosplay for this years Youmacon. When I think maybe Alois. So far I’ve been thinking of doing Izaya. Either way one of my poor friends has to then cosplay Shizuo or Claude. Deciding to do a google search I type in Alois. Apparently there have been many famous Alois throughout history. Here’s a list of some…

Alois Hitler – Yep Adolf Hitler’s dad was a Alois

Alois Hitler Jr. – If you couldn’t guess Hitler’s half brother

Alois Estermann – Apparently a murdered Swiss Guard but we’ll let this soap opera snippet explain it better…”Tornay turned to Alois Estermann for affection, and enjoyed a short homosexual affair. Their relationship deteriorated into acrimony as Tornay realised that Estermann had betrayed him with another guard. Estermann’s close links to the Opus Dei movement, and his final refusal to award the Benemeriti medal for 3-years service led to further frustration and Tornay’s decision to kill Estermann”

Aloysius “Alois” Alzheimer – “was a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist and a colleague of Emil Kraepelin. Alzheimer is credited with identifying the first published case of “presenile dementia”, which Kraepelin would later identify as Alzheimer’s disease.”

Alois Brunner – “is an Austrian Nazi war criminal. Brunner was Adolf Eichmann’s assistant, and Eichmann referred to Brunner as his “best man.” As commander of the Drancy internment camp outside Paris from June 1943 to August 1944, Alois Brunner is held responsible for sending some 140,000 European Jews to the gas chambers. Nearly 24,000 of them were deported from the Drancy camp. He was condemned in absentia in France in 1954 to a life sentence for crimes against humanity. In 1961 and in 1980, Brunner lost an eye and the fingers of his left hand, respectively, as a result of letter bombs sent to him by Mossad. In 2003, The Guardian described him as “the world’s highest-ranking Nazi fugitive believed still alive.” Brunner was last reported to be living in Syria, where the government has so far rebuffed international efforts to locate or apprehend him”

Alois Hudal (also known as Luigi Hudal) – “was a Rome-based bishop of Austrian descent. He was for thirty years head of the small Austrian-German congregation of Santa Maria dell’Anima in Rome and until 1937, an influential representative of the Austrian Church. In his 1937 book The Foundations of National Socialism Hudal praised Adolf Hitler and some of his policies and indirectly attacked the policies of the Vatican. After World War II, an unrepentant Hudal became infamous for the “ratline” he helped to establish, allowing prominent Nazi German and other European former Axis officers and political leaders, among them war criminals, to escape Allied trials and denazification.”

Johann Alois Senefelder – “was a German actor and playwright who invented the printing technique of lithography in 1796”

The more you know! Yes this entry was completely random but maybe now you know a little bit of random history. Also some of the random things I do with my time. I wonder if there are Ciels throughout history…I might have to check that out next. All quoted material was taken from Wikipedia.

Summer Cleaning

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I’m currently trying to sell some of my older figures and ones I have duplicates of. If anyone is interested you can e-mail me at Make the subject Summer Cleaning. Thanks! (I will also be making a sales page.)

prices are negotiable just send me a e-mail

Nendoroid/Figma Winter Accessories sealed in bag
I have an extra set of what I’d call light purplish-pink nendoroid/figma winter accessories. Both my winter versions came with this color. It has the scarf and a set of figma & nendoriod gloves. – $7

Action Figures (these figures do contain boxes and all pieces)
Len Nendoroid 040$80

Action Figures (none of these figures contain boxes)
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix – Naomi Armitage$8 (the black pieces by her shoulders are broken but still attached and could be glued back in place. Also doesn’t include gun or hand cuffs)
Legend of Dragoon – Rose $15

Trading Figures (none of these figures contain boxes)
Bleach The Styling – Abarai Renji $7
Bleach The Styling – Kurosaki Ichigo$7
Bleach The Styling – Matsumoto Rangiku$7
Code Geass R2 EX-Portraits – Lelouch Lamperouge$8
Growlanser IV – Dianna Silvernale$5
HGIF Evangelion File Neo Vol 2 – Nagisa Kaworu$7
Magical Canan – Cerulean Blue$5 (no base/stand)
Ningyo Shippuden 3 – Haruno Sakura$5
Ningyo Shippuden 3 – Yamato$5
ONE COIN FIGURE SERIES: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball – Helena$5 (no base/stand)
TECMO GALS COLLECTION – Daian Pinky$5 (no base/stand)
TECMO GALS COLLECTION – Sara$5 (no base/stand)
Tsubasa Rerservoir Chronicle Chibi Figure – Syaoran$5

Completed Models (these figures do contain boxes and all pieces)
Japanese Life Set A$25 HOLD
Japanese Life Set B$25 HOLD
I just got these in a few days ago. I don’t really collect a lot of nendoroids, but I was hoping the playsets would also fit figmas. Alas the figmas are too tall. So, now I’m looking to sell them. The playsets where opened and built to check to see if a figma would fit and that’s it.

Completed Models (none of these figures contain boxes)
Headliners, Pioneer Tenchi Muyo – Ryoko$12 (has a button so that it talks but I don’t know if it still works since I haven’t bought batteries for it in a while. I don’t see why it still wouldn’t though.)
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Kagato$2
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Masaki Ayeka Jurai$2
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Masaki Sasami Jurai$2
Kyun-Chara ver. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – Simon$15
Summer Beach Ver. – Yoko$18

I’m selling an assortment of pinky:st parts. I’m not sure about the price. I know what I’ve seen them go for in the past, but right now I’m just taking offers. I will end up putting them on ebay if no one wants them.
Pics are located here: All Pieces, Upper Bodies, Lower Bodies, Skirts, Accessories, Character Cards

Send me an e-mail if you have any questions or if you’re interested. None of these prices include shipping. I can also get pictures if anyone wants them.

Ragtime Blues

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I keep wanting to make a new music video, but I haven’t really gotten any inspiration lately. Along this note has anyone out there used Adobe CS5 yet? I’ve been putting off making the transition, but if anyone has feedback I might switch sooner. Also I’d love to make a collaboration video if anyone has an idea they’d like to see in music video form.

Alright I’ll get back to my boring day. (No new figures came today.) I should probably watch one of the many animes I need to catch up on.

Revisiting a Little Old Buissness

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I’ve talked about this site before but it’s always worth another mention. If you’re into collecting anime, manga, and video game merchandise go to this site!

My Figure Collection

The site has gone through a lot of changes since the last time I talked about it. Not only can you keep track of your figures but also miscellaneous merchandise like dakimakuras, cups, and other random goods. My figure collection is a great place to keep track of your inventory, orders, and have a wishlist. They have contests to win figures and a great community. Also there’s a sales page where users sell their figures. You can find some older figures for sale this way which is nice. The search engine has also been improved. Have fun & send me a friend invite if you join! My user name is Ampzr.