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Japanese Fan Video Fun Time – Durarara

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Alright lets start this out with the obvious fact that I didn’t make any of these. There are tons of fan made videos for tons of animes out there. Usually they start out on Nico Nico Douga and end up migrating to Youtube. Today I’ll show you some of the Durarara ones I really like. We’ll have some serious and some silly. Here we go!

It’s Pocky time ladies and gentlemen!

Izaya loves Shizuo?

Mandatory Caramelldansen Clip

Time to rock out with all our characters!

A very nice Shizuo & Izaya vid

Shizuo & Izaya shall sing to you

Durarara Gourmet Race –
if you don’t love this video I’ll have to go cry in a corner and wonder what the world is coming to

Let Izaya serenade you

Well there are just a few. You can literally spend hours searching youtube for more if you so desire. After just now spending said hours to compile these videos I leave you now to go watch some anime for the night. Also I leave you with one more video…

Izaya Caramelldansen (come on with how popular these videos are did you really expect to only get one?)


Hentai, Yaoi, and Yuri Oh My!

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Actually I don’t know if this site has yuri but they seem to have everything else so I don’t see why they wouldn’t.
This site is another awesome one that has hard to find figures for good prices. The figures may be new or used but it’ll say in the item title. Although this part of the site claims to be in english most product titles are not. So all the menus and the check out process are in english but you’re gonna have to look at every picture to see if it’s a figure your looking for. Most product pictures aren’t the official pictures either. They’re pictures of the actual figures in their boxes that Mandarake has. Considering the deals you get though it doesn’t really bother me.
I was hesidant to use this site at first because I thought some deals seems to good to be true but the site I’m always promoting My Figure Collection has tons of user reviews in their forums. I bought the Haruhi Figma SP001 from them for about $50 with one day shipping. (She’s usually around $100 or more on ebay)

She came with her box and all the pieces but the PS2 video game was not included. Honestly I didn’t care about the video game I just wanted the figma so I was happy.

They also carry doujins there. They have both hentai and yaoi doujins and you can get either new or used. Just try to have more self control than me…I just spent $111 on Durarara yaoi doujins. Also most of the doujins have preview pages which is nice and for the yaoi ones they list seme/uke in the usual seme x uke style. (ex. Shizuo x Izaya)

The last note I’ll make is to pay attention to where your buying your items from. Mandarake is a series of stores in Japan and if you’re not careful your order will have to ship from multiple places. They don’t ship things to a different store to ship it to you in one bath. So you might have to pay shipping on multiple items. They do give you many reminders to check your cart for that issue though.

Have fun shopping!

Summer Cleaning

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I’m currently trying to sell some of my older figures and ones I have duplicates of. If anyone is interested you can e-mail me at Make the subject Summer Cleaning. Thanks! (I will also be making a sales page.)

prices are negotiable just send me a e-mail

Nendoroid/Figma Winter Accessories sealed in bag
I have an extra set of what I’d call light purplish-pink nendoroid/figma winter accessories. Both my winter versions came with this color. It has the scarf and a set of figma & nendoriod gloves. – $7

Action Figures (these figures do contain boxes and all pieces)
Len Nendoroid 040$80

Action Figures (none of these figures contain boxes)
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix – Naomi Armitage$8 (the black pieces by her shoulders are broken but still attached and could be glued back in place. Also doesn’t include gun or hand cuffs)
Legend of Dragoon – Rose $15

Trading Figures (none of these figures contain boxes)
Bleach The Styling – Abarai Renji $7
Bleach The Styling – Kurosaki Ichigo$7
Bleach The Styling – Matsumoto Rangiku$7
Code Geass R2 EX-Portraits – Lelouch Lamperouge$8
Growlanser IV – Dianna Silvernale$5
HGIF Evangelion File Neo Vol 2 – Nagisa Kaworu$7
Magical Canan – Cerulean Blue$5 (no base/stand)
Ningyo Shippuden 3 – Haruno Sakura$5
Ningyo Shippuden 3 – Yamato$5
ONE COIN FIGURE SERIES: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball – Helena$5 (no base/stand)
TECMO GALS COLLECTION – Daian Pinky$5 (no base/stand)
TECMO GALS COLLECTION – Sara$5 (no base/stand)
Tsubasa Rerservoir Chronicle Chibi Figure – Syaoran$5

Completed Models (these figures do contain boxes and all pieces)
Japanese Life Set A$25 HOLD
Japanese Life Set B$25 HOLD
I just got these in a few days ago. I don’t really collect a lot of nendoroids, but I was hoping the playsets would also fit figmas. Alas the figmas are too tall. So, now I’m looking to sell them. The playsets where opened and built to check to see if a figma would fit and that’s it.

Completed Models (none of these figures contain boxes)
Headliners, Pioneer Tenchi Muyo – Ryoko$12 (has a button so that it talks but I don’t know if it still works since I haven’t bought batteries for it in a while. I don’t see why it still wouldn’t though.)
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Kagato$2
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Masaki Ayeka Jurai$2
Headliners Tenchi Muyo – Masaki Sasami Jurai$2
Kyun-Chara ver. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – Simon$15
Summer Beach Ver. – Yoko$18

I’m selling an assortment of pinky:st parts. I’m not sure about the price. I know what I’ve seen them go for in the past, but right now I’m just taking offers. I will end up putting them on ebay if no one wants them.
Pics are located here: All Pieces, Upper Bodies, Lower Bodies, Skirts, Accessories, Character Cards

Send me an e-mail if you have any questions or if you’re interested. None of these prices include shipping. I can also get pictures if anyone wants them.


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If you haven’t been to this site to buy figures then I’d check it out. They sell new preorders and even older used figures. You can get a lot of good deals like…
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Yoko & Nia set – EX Figure – Sega Prize for only ¥1000. Two figures for about $11.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

About beNippon
beNippon sells genuine Japanese merchandise direct from Japan across the globe. We are regarded as among the best in customer service responsiveness and sturdy product packaging, and do our best to ensure your goods arrive safely, just as if you’d bought them off a store shelf in your home country.

Here at beNippon you’ll find brand-new manga, artbooks, Ghibli statues, figures, textbooks, dictionaries, and many other Japanese products.

We also offer second-hand options for some of our products, so if you’re looking for that rare out of production figure or that out-of-print manga or book, chances are good you may find it here. Rest assured that our second-hand products are always in good or excellent condition.

If you find that we don’t carry whatever you’re searching for, just shoot us an e-mail, and we’ll see if we can track it down.

Thanks for shopping at beNippon.

Revisiting a Little Old Buissness

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I’ve talked about this site before but it’s always worth another mention. If you’re into collecting anime, manga, and video game merchandise go to this site!

My Figure Collection

The site has gone through a lot of changes since the last time I talked about it. Not only can you keep track of your figures but also miscellaneous merchandise like dakimakuras, cups, and other random goods. My figure collection is a great place to keep track of your inventory, orders, and have a wishlist. They have contests to win figures and a great community. Also there’s a sales page where users sell their figures. You can find some older figures for sale this way which is nice. The search engine has also been improved. Have fun & send me a friend invite if you join! My user name is Ampzr.

What do you Figure?

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I don’t know how many people out there are into figure collecting. I am one of those people though. If you happen to collect anime figures and don’t know about this site yet, go!!

My Figure Collection

The site is only for anime/manga figures, but it’s a great place to keep track of your inventory, orders, and have a wishlist. They have contests to win figures and a great community. At first it took my a little bit of work to figure out how to search for my figures, but once you get the hang of it it’s easy. Have fun & send me a friend invite if you join!

How many times can I really fall?

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How many times can one read a Alice in Wonderland manga? Apparently a lot because I can’t count how many I’ve actually read. However Heart no Kuni no Alice is wonderful! The story of Alice is revamped and makes reading it refreshing. Often times the stories are to similar and while I enjoy them I end up bored. Here Alice is surrounded by beautiful male characters like the White Rabbit, Blood Dupre (Mad Hatter), Ace of Hearts, and so on. The thing this series does well is that it is often comical but has a underlining sinister feeling to it; you aren’t entirely sure of all the characters motives. Only five chapters out so far but I’m already hooked. Go take a look for yourself….

Also I must warn you just like the scanlation group does you will lose the game all the time while reading this manga. (click the picture if you’re interested)