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Aren’t I Beautiful?

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Well I didn’t mean to be gone for as long as I have been. Not that it really matters, but I’ve been ill and we’ve been trying to figure out what the hell is wrong. I get to go to a specialist next week. Oh goodie! For now though I should be fine and able to keep posting! So lets get to something awesome…

This beautiful figure is available for pre-order! I ordered mine over at AmiAmi for ¥7,420. At the time of writing this about $85. Don’t forget that price is without shipping. It’ll be more if you decide to get him.  Here’s a link directly to the figure…Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Static Arts Ciel Komadori Complete Figure[Square Enix]

Here are some more pictures. I just think the sculpting, painting, and design look great! Plus it’s Ciel in a dress. What’s not to love?


Kuroshitsuji Ep. 3: Really You Don’t Know Me?

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So there has been some debate as to what is happening in the new season of Kuroshitsuji. Many people believe that it’s a rewind to somehow fit Alois into the plot of the first season. Personally I didn’t like that idea and if it were true I thought it would be a cop-out. You already had your chance at the first season you don’t get to go back and rewrite it. However after watching the third episode I believe I can safely say we’re not back in the first season. Something odd is happening that’s for sure but we’re not in the first season.

In episode three we run into Grell again. He’s up to his usual antics of trying to profess his love to Sebby while fighting with him at the same time.

He is really one of the most important pieces of this episode though. When Ciel sees him he appears to have a sort of flash back to Madame Red from season one but at the same time he doesn’t recognize Grell. Grell on the other hand knows both Sebastian and Ciel. He looks a little perplexed as to why Ciel doesn’t know him but doesn’t say anything probably because he doesn’t really care about Ciel just his Sebby.

Otherwise the episode is about a woman who was forced into an arranged marriage going on a murder spree. Her husband apparently didn’t love her enough and the fact that she became ugly is his fault. We find out someone told her to do all of this because she would meet beautiful men that would love her. Also instead of the Queen just having her Loyal Dog, Ciel. She has a “Spider” that works for her too.

Anybody else notice that Trancy sounds like tranchula when Sebastian says it this episode?

Back to the idea of where the hell this season takes place in time. I didn’t think it could be season one due to the flower ring that Elizabeth made at the end of season one showing up in episode two.

Episode three was another great episode and I am loving the mystery that’s surrounding this season. Here is a blip about the manga artist, Toboso Yana,  regarding season two…

“When the second season was announced on January 31st last winter, she received tremendous numbers of messages from the fans. The majority of the messages were criticisms against the absence of Ciel and Sebastian from the second season. “How dare you desert the fans, who have been waiting for the two?” “If you don’t have affections for your characters, you don’t deserve to be the author!” She and the producers had expected the bitter reactions because they intentionally hid Ciel and Sebastian from the announcement. In the first season, director Shinohara chose to bring the revenge of Ciel to an end and Toboso had approved it. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the fans had given the green light to the second season after that. Toboso asked the producers not to reset the finale of the first season. To meet two conflicting conditions: “We must not revive Ciel easily” versus “We want to show the two once again”, she had been vigorously working on the scenario for half a year with other staff. In conclusion, they had created a new rival pair, Alois and Claude. With an intention of showing them “big” and dominant, Alois and Claude were placed in the main of the key illustrations and the trailer and Sakurai Takahiro and Mizuki Nana were assigned to them. Toboso said that the aim of the tricky announcement will be understood if you watch the series to the end.”

So what do you guys think? Has Sebastian maybe somehow brought us back in time? Have we continued on from the end of season two except a lot of Ciel’s memories have been replaced? Some other theory? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!

Kuroshitsuji II Ep. 2: Everyone You Thought was Dead Isn’t

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Alright to start this episode review off I’ll say that I love Kuroshitsuji so I do have a bias while reviewing it. Also none of your questions will be answered this episode. In fact you’ll just end up with more and more. (Kind of like watching an early episode of Lost.) I’m not going to spare any details so read at your own risk. I also don’t really think I’m spoiling anything because this episode plays out like any pointless beginning episode of a anime series where nothing really happens.

Like I said nothing really happens this episode. The Phantomhive family apparently makes it their business to stop floods. So Ciel is attending a flood gate event. Basically it’s an excuse for rich people and nobles to get together and to have a Elizabeth-centric episode. Yes most of this episode revolves around Elizabeth and Ciel wanting to protect and make her happy. They go searching for an elusive white deer because it’s supposed to bring lifetime happiness and that’s what Elizabeth wants for Ciel.

All manner of craziness happens in this episode. Pigs, pigeons, and Tanaka in picnic baskets. Ciel risks his life for Elizabeth. Sebastian is back to beating up the servants due to the stupid stunts they pull that he has to then fix. Kind of sounds like the being of Kuroshitsuji season 1 huh?

Well yeah it really is. There’s no mention of why Ciel is alive. He seems to be acting like he was never being carried around in a suitcase or supposed to of had his soul eaten. Oh yeah the whole gang is back. Bard, Finny, Maylene, and the fore-mentioned cast. Guess what else Lua and Ran aren’t dead. They even interact with Ciel and gang and no one has any kind of reaction to this. No omg I thought you died in the river Thames! No what the hell are you doing here you backstabbing bastard! Nope it’s all smiles and good times. I was half expecting Pluto to come bounding in. One thing I love about this show is it’s dark nature but what was the point of supposedly killing people off if they’re just going to come back like nothing ever happened? Just when I thought it couldn’t get any stranger the preview for the next episode had a glimpse of Madame Red. Yeah it was very bright and maybe dreamlike but if they seriously bring her back I won’t know what to think.

So like I said more questions than answers. Why isn’t Ciel dead? Why was Sebastian carrying him in a suitcase and how did he “wake” him up? What happen with Lua and why does no one care that he’s around? I’m sure these questions will be answered but I want them answered soon. Why do I have to be so impatient…that’s probably why I often watch a show about half way through and then wait till it’s done airing before I finish it.

We also have a Ciel & Sebastian centric opening with splashes of Aolis & Claude thrown in. Come on I want to see some more butler battles!