Just a geeky girl. I love anime, manga, and games. Recently I’ve been collecting lots of figurines. Haven’t done a recent manga count but I know it’s over 2,000. I go to school full-time. I was struggling with what I should do with a blog. First it was all about anime music videos but I haven’t been making many of those lately. Then it was supposed to be about writing but besides school I haven’t been doing much of that either. So now I think it will be a little of both of the above along with my experiences at anime conventions, reviewing anime and manga and also anime figurine reviews. My figurine reviews will mostly focus on male figures since I know I personally have a very hard time finding any and when I do they’re usually older or out of stock ones. So I’d like to keep people who care in the know. Feel free to get a hold of me anytime. I love to talk to other fans.

*edit* While my blog will continue to have snippets of the above topics I’ll also touch on whatever I find interesting on any given day. Be it music, comics, TV, or any other random thing.


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