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GameCrush: Be a Player

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Upon visiting Topless Robot I discovered that there’s a new site called GameCrush. I’d explain it all but it’s best to read this:

“GameCrush, now available in public beta, introduces an entirely new interactive social gaming experience allowing gamers to meet, match and pay to play online games with other users (PlayDates). GameCrush is the only online service that allows gamers to choose a companion to spice up their favorite online games. Both Players and PlayDates define the experience they want- either “flirty” or “dirty”, choosing from some of the most popular console titles and casual web-based games. To register for free, visit”

Also from the GameCrush website,

“The GameCrush Public Beta is temporarily unavailable due to the incredible user response (more than 10,000 inquiries in five minutes). We are adding new servers to provide players with the best PlayDate experience possible. Games with GameCrush PlayDates start at $6.60 for ten minutes.”

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this. As a girl gamer I play with boys all the time for free. Does this make me more or less of a game whore than if I charged money? No but in all seriousness I’m wondering what people think of this? Is it just perpetuating the ideas that lonely boys play video games and girls will only play if they’re getting something out of it?

Once the site is back I’ll sign up and see what it’s all about. I’m curious but really afraid. I don’t want to be saddened by what I might see or experience on this site. Also I don’t know if I could be “flirty” or “dirty” while playing games with someone. Unless you count swearing up and down because I’m getting my ass kicked. I’d probably just end up laughing all the time at the ridiculousness of the situation.

I’ll give my thoughts later once I take a look. (God save my soul.)

Who want’s to bet the girls you’ll be playing with won’t look like this?



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Still avoiding that homework…though I did go take a test I needed to take.

Here’s this video to fill some time. Plus, it feels relevant because of this announcement.

American Unwritten Virgin

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I really don’t want to do my homework so quick post time!

Before I start talking about my new favorite comic. Yeah I know I said in my last post that my next entry would be about said mysterious series. I’m holding off because of how much I love that series and how long that entry is probably going to be. I thought instead, to avoid homework, I’d write down the new comics I started and one I’m finally finishing.

American Vampire – Don’t worry it’s not sparkles and love. It’s violent and gritty. (Just the way I like my comics.) Only one issue out right now but it’s worth picking up. Stephen King is some how involved, I haven’t really looked into it, his names on the cover and despite the fact that I know a lot of people haven’t been liking his newer books I’m sure his name will still get some people interested.

Found this excerpt at

In the interview, King admits to the challenges of his comics-writing debut, and confesses his disappointment after learning that thought balloons have fallen out of vogue: “I got this kind of embarrassed call from the editors saying, ‘Ah, Steve, we don’t do that anymore.’ ‘You don’t do that anymore?’ I said. ‘No, when the characters speak, they speak. If they’re thinking, you try to put that across in the narration, in the little narration boxes.’ … I think it’s a shame to lose that arrow out of your quiver. One of the nice things about the written word as opposed to the spoken word in a movie is that you can go into a character’s thoughts. You do it in books all the time, right?”

American Virgin – Apparently I like my titles to say American. I finally got around to finishing this series. I had to buy the last graphic novel even though I found out I was only two issues away from finishing the series. Getting behind on things sure can be a money waster. I love the exploration of sex and what really is sinful and what’s just natural in this series. I do have to say, why I tell people these things I don’t know, but main character hotness was another reason I bought this originally.

Finally the last comic I’ve been reading lately (besides the one I’m saving for it’s own post) is The Unwritten. I’ve only read the first graphic novel so far. While I like this one a lot I’m putting off catching up till I’m all caught up on the others. This series is really good and (things are about to get slightly spoilerific) I like how at first it takes the what happens to a really famous author’s son after he disappears and the character in the books is based on said son. Mostly a sad life of living off of your fathers sucess and people only seeing you as the character they love. However, things get a lot more interesting from there. Making you pretty sure that he is actually the character from the book series and maybe we’re gonna go on some book/real-life adventures. My only problem is that I’m one weird girl and there isn’t nearly enough sex or violence in this series for me. So the other ones I’m reading are holding my attention better.

Damn this was supposed to be a short list entry…

I Don’t Feel Like Fixing It Right Now

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Though not what I was about to start writing about my site header decided to suddenly flake on me and I don’t feel like fixing it right now. Not that I really have the time anyway.

On to what I originally came to write about North 40.

If you like comics at all, read it. If you like horror/supernatural things, read it. I usually read manga but lately I’ve been on an American comic kick. North 40 just happened to be one I randomly picked up at the comic shop. The art was great and just from the cover I was like hey that blond dude looks hot. (Yes, my decision to buy things can easily be swayed by character hotness…judge as you see fit. Come on though everybody does it and male comics pander to it.) Anyway the story is good. Another comic that raises the question what would you do if you suddenly got powers or zombies attacked your town. There are only 6 issues right now. The story leaves it open for more but I haven’t heard anything about part 2. (I haven’t done a ton of looking though.) I originally just bought the first issue but the next day I went back and bought the remaining five. I hope there’s more because I love the characters and can’t wait to find out more about them. Alright I’m done rambling but I highly suggest finding this series and reading it!

Next time another American comic series I picked up that I love even more than North 40.