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It’s Only a Fairytale

Posted in anime music videos, videos with tags , , , , , , on January 17, 2010 by ampzr

Wow, an update.

I’ve been working on an Anime Music Video for a long time now. Lately whenever I make an AMV in the end it just seems to go wrong. My last video I made I lost due to an external hard-drive crash. Now, my most recent video is finished. During this process I also had some trouble. Couldn’t find a copy of the DVD (I wanted it to be a high quality video.) Then the video file I had, I lost. Finally, I got a video file again and managed to remove the subtitles. The video quality is lacking now due to all of this. (There was also a computer crash.) Considering all my bad luck with AMV’s lately I’m going to be happy that it got finished and move on. I’ll probably come back to it in  few months but after trying to get this video finished for over half a year I’m done.

Yes there were problems while making this video but I still hope people enjoy it. I did put a lot of energy into this video and tried some new things. It’s kind of like my first AMV all over again. It’s been so long since I’ve released an AMV it certainly makes it feel that way. Like I said please enjoy and I hope you look forward to my upcoming videos. (There are two tribute videos in the works right now.)