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Strangeness of the Internet

Posted in personal on May 30, 2009 by ampzr

We all know the internet is a strange place and while I’m not going to go into the real strange things that happen here…you can do that yourselves. I thought it was humorous that while searching for a Heart no Kuni no Alice picture for my last post. One of the first images shown was this…


I love this pairing just to put that out there. But I have no idea why this image showed up. Oh the strange times to be had on the interweb. Hmmm…I need to find that poster for myself.


How many times can I really fall?

Posted in manga on May 30, 2009 by ampzr

How many times can one read a Alice in Wonderland manga? Apparently a lot because I can’t count how many I’ve actually read. However Heart no Kuni no Alice is wonderful! The story of Alice is revamped and makes reading it refreshing. Often times the stories are to similar and while I enjoy them I end up bored. Here Alice is surrounded by beautiful male characters like the White Rabbit, Blood Dupre (Mad Hatter), Ace of Hearts, and so on. The thing this series does well is that it is often comical but has a underlining sinister feeling to it; you aren’t entirely sure of all the characters motives. Only five chapters out so far but I’m already hooked. Go take a look for yourself….

Also I must warn you just like the scanlation group does you will lose the game all the time while reading this manga. (click the picture if you’re interested)

Don’t Stop

Posted in tv shows, videos on May 27, 2009 by ampzr

I was a little angry after watching the first/pilot episode of Glee. Why is that you might ask. Well it’s because it was only a preview and the show doesn’t start till fall.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch it. You need to as soon as possible. I love Nip/Tuck and in my opinion that show also deals with music very well. Ryan Murphy does everything right with Glee. I love music and that’s one of the reasons I love this show. Now I don’t mean just the characters singing(though that is great). I mean the way music is used to enhance the atmosphere. Don’t Stop Believin’ is used perfectly to capture the characters continuing on with their dreams. Especially Will Schuester(Matthew Morrison) as he makes his huge life decision.

Also I like my shows to have a certain feel to them too; if that makes any sense. I’m usually drawn to that oddball show and I guess that’s what I’m trying to get at when I say feel.The show is very funny and all the characters are a little odd. It also uses flashback voice overs which I love. Like when you read  a Palahniuk novel. You’re getting the story but it feels different because the character’s personality really shows through.

Glee has to do with struggles of individuals searching for themselves. Yeah they’re in high school and you may think that wouldn’t appeal to some of us out of high school but the show does a nice job of inspiring anyone. Come on, I’m sure everyone remembers high school and maybe even being that outcast wanting to fulfill some dream. Or being the popular kid not comfortable in their own skin. If not there’s always struggling teacher Will Schuester. Who I’m sure anyone can relate to since we’re all just trying to navigate our lives. Basically what I’m getting at is watch this show! If you’ve ever had a dream. Watch this show!

The view of high school maybe a little stereotypical but that doesn’t stop the message and over all feeling of this show from shinning through. Also some of the characters put me off at first. Example Rachel Berry(Lea Michele). I don’t really like her personality but I could see her grow slightly in the first episode and I’m actually looking forward to seeing that continue. I think we’ll get to see a lot from each character and find out who they really are.

Now here’s a trailer for you. You can watch the first episode online at or you can get it from whatever channels you may use. (note this trailer was for the preview on fox so ignore the date at the end)

If you enjoy this show make sure to watch and support it in the fall. I hate to see when a show that’s actually good gets cancelled.

Plus that Other Thing

Posted in manga, personal on May 27, 2009 by ampzr

It seems like lots of things that have to deal with anime have a plus tagged onto them. Anime+ for anyone who downloads there. The magazine Yen+.

This of course pulls me on topic to the fact that I subscribed to Yen+ recently. I’ve been buying it every month and finally thought “what they hell am I doing?” So I ordered the much cheaper subscription. Also they’re going to be starting Pandora Hearts soon. I still have to pick up the June issue since it won’t be starting till July. Sadly though I’m way behind on reading all of my issues.

I’ve also been reading Shojo Beat since it first came out. In fact I own the preview issue but again I’ve never subscribed. Sadly though I will never be able to subscribe to this magazine. For those who don’t already know Shojo Beat magazine has gone under. I really loved it but like many things in this economic climate it was taken out.

Other than that yes I have changed my blog location. So welcome. If you’re interested in any of my old posts here’s a link to the old blog rea-L-ies@Blogger. WordPress seems to have a lot of interesting features and I like the dashboard better.


Hope to see ya soon.

Take the weight off making sure I pick ’em up every month. I missed a few issues a little while back and just ordered them.

STOP! In the name of Animation

Posted in figures, videos on May 27, 2009 by ampzr

I’ve recently started to make stop animation using some of my figures. I’ve only used the figma figures so far because they are the easiest to pose. I got inspired after watching some really good videos on the web. Everyone should give it a go; it’s really fun!! Well here are my first two practice attempts.

My second one. This one features Konata & Len and a song many people will be familiar with.

Can’t wait to make some more! I’ll be fun when I make them more complex. Right now I still have some problems with my finger getting in shot and a few blurry pics but I just bought a tripod so those problems should be cleared up. Now I just have to keep practicing so I can get the timing down.

Have fun everyone!